Grocery worker’s NC lottery win had cashier jumping with joy

The six-figure lottery win was won by a grocery employee, and the North Carolina cashier was unable to control his excitement.

In a news release on February 14, winner Bernadad Cumbie remarked, "He started leaping up and down and gave me a great hug."

According to the N.C. Education Lottery, the Greensboro mother's fortunate win will enable her to support her son in his pursuit of his dream of attending law school.

She told the lottery organisers, "I was so delighted that I could contact my son and tell him I won $400,000."

Cumbie's luck came when she made a stop at a Greensboro Quick Mart store.

She allegedly spent $5 at the Randleman Road establishment on a scratch-off ticket for the $35,000,000 Blowout game, according to officials.

Cumbie remarked in the news release, "I just kept watching all these champions in North Carolina and kept believing that could be me.

It turned out that her ticket had won the last $400,000 top prize for the Blowout game. She claimed that's when she notified the Quick Mart clerk about her lottery win.

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