Top 8 Frontend Project Ideas for Beginners

1. Personal Portfolio Website

Create a website to showcase your skills, projects, and resume, giving you an online presence.

2. To-Do List App

Build a simple web app that allows users to add, edit, and delete tasks, helping them stay organized.

3. Weather App

Develop a weather application that displays current weather conditions based on user-provided location.

4. Blog or Journal

Create a blogging platform where users can write, edit, and publish articles along with features.

5. Recipe Finder

Build a web app that allows users to search for recipes, view ingredient lists, and cooking instructions.

6. Interactive Quiz

Design an interactive quiz with multiple-choice questions, user scoring, and feedback for each answer.

7. Countdown Timer

Develop a countdown timer for events or special occasions, allowing users to set custom timers with alerts.

8. Currency Converter

Create a currency converter that converts between different currencies using real-time exchange rates.

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