Dollar Tree Actually Can't Afford to Sell This Essential Item Anymore

Due to their present high price, the bargain retailer, famed for retailing the majority of things at $1.25, will temporarily stop selling eggs.

Due to a shortage brought on by anything from the avian flu to greater production expenses, egg prices have increased significantly during the past few months.

Egg prices have risen by up to 55% for consumers, but they are now slowly starting to decline.

Yet, a dozen Grade A eggs cost on average $4.21 in February, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis.

Although other shops have increased egg pricing to reflect the rising expenses, Dollar Tree's business model doesn't fully support such a significant price increase.

When "costs are more in line with historical levels," according to Guiler of Dollar Tree, eggs will likely return to the shelves.

Dollar Store increased the cost of an egg carton from $1 to $1.25 back in 2021.

Eggs will continue to be sold at Family Dollar, a different discount retailer that is also owned by Dollar Tree. Later this year, Dollar Tree intends to resume selling eggs.

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