8 Best New Grocery Items at Dollar Tree To Help Combat Inflation

Whole Wheat Bread

You can count on getting a 16 ounce loaf of bread at Dollar Tree for $1.25 even as the price of bread increases at the grocery store.

Campbell’s Kitchen Classics Beef Barley Soup

For $1.89, Ralphs customers may purchase 11 oz of Campbell's Condensed Beef with Vegetables & Barley Soup.

Sunny D Orange-Flavored Citrus Punch

Even if you purchase two bottles of Sunny D from Dollar Tree, you are saving money compared to Ralphs, where a gallon costs $3.50.

Chunk Pineapple

A can of pineapple chunks under the Kroger brand will cost $1.79 at Ralphs. Save $0.54 when purchasing a Libby's Chunk Pineapple can at Dollar Tree.

Plastic Utensils

Save some money for the plastic cutlery. A pack of 48 costs almost twice as much at Ralphs. For a great deal, purchase this set of seasonal maroon plasticware.


There are countless culinary uses for salt. Stock up on supplies with this deal from Dollar Tree. At Ralphs, the same amount will cost $1.25.

Cherry Pie Filling

Although you get 21 oz in a can from Ralphs, it will cost you three times as much, so it's not really worth the extra filling. A can of Mother's Maid Cherry Pie Filling just costs you $1.25.

Pickle Spears

That is unbeatable. It's accurate because the cheapest price for 24 oz of gherkin spears at Ralphs is $3.29.

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