10 Items Costco Won’t Let You Return

Sanitizing Wipes

During the pandemic, a lot of individuals went a little crazy and bought lots of things that would ostensibly stop the virus from spreading.

Cigarettes and Alcohol

You can easily indulge in your vices at Costco, but don't anticipate being able to exchange your smokes and alcoholic beverages.


Although tyres can seem like a completely normal thing to return, once you give them a try, they become your property, much like shoes.

Toilet Paper and Paper Towels

The fact that toilet paper and paper towels come into contact with people's bodies should make it very clear that they are not acceptable things to return.


Don't bother returning rice because it is messy once you open the bag and Costco obviously doesn't want to deal with the headache of spilt rice.


Batteries, a need in the majority of our lives, power a variety of products in our homes and workplaces.

Rotten Food

Food they allowed to rot at home, such as stale, rancid salmon and a mouldy bag of oranges, as opposed to food they learned was rotten right away after purchase.

Diamonds Larger Than One Carat

If you want to return a diamond that weighs more than one carat, you must have your receipt and all of the accompanying papers, or it won't be accepted.


Given that soaps can differ in texture, viscosity, fragrance, and other factors, it makes sense to be selective about the type that is used.

Items Long After Purchase Date

Even though Costco has a forgiving return policy, allowing at least 90 days for many things, going over that is pushing it.

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