Bucks County player scores big in Pennsylvania Lottery's online play

Today, a lucky player from Bucks County gained around $250,000 more in wealth thanks to an online win valued $256,564.09.

The gambler won big while taking part in the "PA Big Winner Spectacular" online gambling game sponsored by the Pennsylvania Lottery.

The game, which is exclusively available online, contains draws with chances to discover multipliers up to 50 times.

A chance to start the Big Keystone Jackpot Bonus Game as well as some free games.

Players have a chance to win the current Big Keystone Jackpot sum when they enter the Big Keystone Jackpot Bonus Games.

Several people of Bucks County have lately won large sums of money through the Pennsylvania Lottery, making the county something of a refuge for lottery winners.

The biggest Mega Millions prize in Pennsylvania history was won in 2021 by five people who purchased a Quick Pick ticket from a convenience station in Levittown.

A winning Match 6 ticket worth $590,000 was sold by Bucks News and Tobacco in Bristol Township's 1500 block of Haines Road in November.

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