Best Easter egg Decorating ideas 

Polka dots

Use a small paintbrush or a marker to add dots in different colors to your eggs.

Floral designs

Use a small brush to paint flowers or leaves on your eggs.


Dip the bottom half of your egg in dye, then gradually add more water to the dye to create an ombre effect.


Use a sponge to dab on different colors of dye, then use a toothbrush and white paint to add stars.

Animal designs

Use paint or markers to add features like ears, eyes, and noses to turn your eggs into animals.


Paint your eggs with glue, then roll them in glitter for a sparkly effect.

Emoji faces

Use markers or paint to add silly faces to your eggs.


Swirl different colors of dye together in a bowl, then dip your eggs to create a marbled effect.

Tissue paper

Cut small pieces of colorful tissue paper and use glue to cover your eggs.


Dye your eggs in rainbow colors, then use a small brush to paint on clouds or other designs to complete the look.

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