Things To Do This Easter Weekend

Have an Easter egg hunt with your family or friends. Hide eggs around your home or backyard and have fun searching for them.

Attend a religious service. Easter is an important holiday for many people, and attending a service can help you feel connected to your faith community.

Cook a special Easter meal. Ham, lamb, and roasted vegetables are traditional Easter dishes, but you can also get creative and try something new.

Decorate eggs. Hard-boiled eggs can be decorated with dyes, stickers, or paint. It's a fun activity for all ages.

Watch an Easter movie. There are many movies that feature Easter themes, such as "The Ten Commandments" or "The Passion of the Christ."

Visit a local zoo or park. Many zoos and parks offer special Easter events or exhibits.

Go on a nature walk. Spring is a beautiful time of year, and taking a walk outside can be a great way to enjoy the season.

Make Easter crafts. Pinterest is a great source of inspiration for Easter craft ideas, from making paper bunnies to decorating Easter baskets.

Have a picnic. Pack a basket with your favorite foods and enjoy a meal outside with family or friends.

Volunteer. Easter is a time of giving, and volunteering at a local shelter, food bank, or charity can be a great way to give back to your community.

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