Ways To Decorate With Christmas Ornaments Beyond Hanging Them On A Tree

Adorn Garland

Garland may be given a more enjoyable and festive touch by having ornaments hung on it as opposed to being wrapped in ribbon or left naked.

Decorate the Table

You can easily add more glitter and show off lovely decorations that might not fit on your tree by scattering ornaments over your set.

Top a Present

Use ribbon to attach an ornament to a gift for a festive and colourful finishing touch that the receiver may place on their tree the following year.

Add Cheer to Plants

Whether you have evergreen or seasonal houseplants that you keep inside your house all year round.

Fill a Bowl

If you have an antique bowl on a bookshelf or entry table, replace the normal contents with decorations and plants to make a festive arrangement.

Hang a Wreath

To add further visual appeal, hang a wreath with an assortment of ornaments attached to ribbon.

Fill a Vase

Filling your favourite clear glass vases and cylinders with ornaments is a terrific idea.

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