How To Save At Dollar General

It is unfair to undervalue Dollar General.

When it's close to a lot of shops and I have time to browse, I usually head there.

I often just stay a short while on the weekends. It's not a typical go-two for me.

But they always have a lot to offer, from food and clothing to tools for home renovation.

Here are some tips on how to save at Dollar General if you're searching for a new store to try out or want to give it a little more of your attention.

Manufacturer Coupons

Like the majority of retailers, Dollar General accepts coupons. The Sunday newspaper or websites like are good sources of manufacturer coupons that you may utilise.

Weekend Savin

Those at Dollar General are its own. On the weekend, a single exclusive coupon is released that is valid only that weekend.

Weekend Savings


Pay close attention to the colourful dots on the Dollar General goods. These things go on sale at some point or another.

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