9 Best Out of Waste Ideas for School Project

1. Plastic Bottle Planters: Repurpose plastic bottles into plant pots.

2. Newspaper Basket Weaving: Create baskets using old newspapers.

3. Tin Can Lanterns: Make decorative lanterns from tin cans.

4. Cardboard City Model: Build a miniature cityscape from cardboard scraps.

5. Egg Carton Art: Craft artwork using empty egg cartons.

6. CD Dreamcatchers: Design dreamcatchers with old CDs and yarn.

7. Plastic Straw Sculptures: Sculptures made from colorful plastic straws.

8. Bottle Cap Mosaic: Create vibrant mosaics using bottle caps.

9. Fabric Scrap Patchwork: Sew patchwork quilts from fabric scraps.

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