PBL Project Ideas for Engineering Students

1. Autonomous Agricultural Drone: Design a drone that autonomously monitors and sprays crops.

2. Smart Traffic Management System: Create a system to optimize traffic flow using IoT and AI.

3. Portable Solar Water Purifier: Build a device that purifies water using solar energy for remote areas.

4. Smart Home Energy Management: Develop a system to regulate home energy usage for efficiency.

5. Rehabilitation Robotic Arm: Design a robotic arm to aid in physical therapy for patients. 

6. Waste Management Robot: Create a robot to autonomously sort and recycle waste materials.

7. Hydroponic Vertical Farming: Construct a vertical farming system for urban agriculture using hydroponics.

8. Health Monitoring Wearable: Develop a wearable device to monitor vital signs and alert users of abnormalities. 

9. Smart Parking System: Design a system to efficiently manage parking spaces using sensors and IoT.

10. Low-cost Prosthetic Limb: Create an affordable prosthetic limb using 3D printing and lightweight materials.

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