8 Tips How to use Google Maps offline while traveling

1. Download Offline Maps: Before your trip, open Google Maps and search for your destination area. Zoom in to the desired level of detail.

2. Prioritize Key Areas: Focus on downloading areas with essential navigation needs like your accommodation.

3. Enable Offline Search:  Ensure "Offline searching" is enabled in your Google Maps settings.

4. Consider Offline Navigation: If you prefer turn-by-turn navigation, download offline driving, walking.

5. Manage Storage:  Downloaded maps and directions consume storage space. 

6. Utilize Offline Features: While offline, you can still access basic map features like points of interest.

7. Plan for Connectivity Gaps: Anticipate areas with potential limited or no internet access.

8. Alternative Offline Maps: Consider alternative offline map apps like Maps.me or HERE WeGo, especially for regions with limited Google Maps coverage.

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