7 ios projects to become a better ios developer

One of the finest methods to advance your development abilities is to read a lot of code.

Create a Weather App

Create a weather app for your area that can display the current conditions at all times, including 24-hour forecasts

Develop A Financial App

You will create a financial app with three pages, the first of which will display charts showing how much money is on your credit card or balance.

Create an iOS Question AnswerApp with BERT

You can use the project as a reference for your project if you are unable to complete this application.

Add Facebook Login to Your App

Everyone is aware that Facebook has more than 2 billion active users, thus in this project.

Build a Sticker App

You must make a section where you may advertise the apps you already made and uploaded to the app store.

Build a Spotify clone for iOS using AutoLayout

Swift 5 and Xcode 12 will be used to teach you how to create a Spotify app. 

Build an Instagram Clone

We are all aware with Instagram's basic features, such as following people, newsfeed, reels, uploading pictures and videos, etc.

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