9 Little-Known Google Calendar Tips That Can Help You Dominate Your Daily Productivity

Go Back to the Prehistoric Days

Writing things down on paper is a great approach to think of ideas and sharpen your memory.

Find My Heart

Exercise, a good diet, time in nature, and making progress with little to no stress are my top objectives on a personal level.

Create a Calendar Baby

However, Google Calendar is now assisting me in achieving my objectives and concentrating my efforts where they need to be.

Pull Out Your Coloring Pencils

Being able to relate a time block to a colour serves as a reminder to focus on one task for the whole block of time.

Open My Email

Although you may include any calendar in this email, I choose to send myself the one from the template.

Get in Touch With Your Red Bull Wings

These are based on how much energy each activity will need or how much I currently have.

Ditch Schedule View

This works for me since there is a red line indicating where you are in the day whether you launch the app on your phone or check the calendar on your laptop.

Turn Down the Lights

The time block becomes dark after the allotted time has passed. This aids me in maintaining my present-tense awareness.

Leave a buffer between tasks

I can take a breath, move around, and then begin the following time block with clarity when I have a buffer.

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