10 Best Bakery Items To Buy at Costco This Spring

1. Freshly baked croissants: Buttery and flaky perfection.

2. Lemon bars: Tangy and sweet indulgence.

3. Artisanal bread loaves: Crusty exteriors with soft interiors.

4. Fruit tarts: Colorful and bursting with seasonal fruits.

5. Gourmet cupcakes: Decadent flavors with decorative frosting.

6. Raspberry danishes: Sweet and fruity pastries.

7. Chocolate-dipped madeleines: Delicate and rich treats.

8. Almond bear claws: Nutty and satisfying pastries.

9. Carrot cake: Moist layers with cream cheese frosting.

10. Cinnamon rolls: Gooey and comforting breakfast option.

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