Design Thinking Project Ideas for Engineering Students

1. Smart Traffic Management System: Optimize urban traffic flow using IoT sensors.

2. Renewable Energy Monitoring Platform: Monitor and optimize renewable energy systems.

3. Assistive Robotics for Elderly: Develop robots to aid elderly in daily tasks.

4. Sustainable Water Purification: Design low-cost, eco-friendly water purification systems.

5. Urban Vertical Farming Solutions: Create innovative farming systems for urban spaces.

6. IoT-based Waste Management: Implement IoT sensors to optimize waste collection.

7. Disaster Response Drone Network: Develop drones for quick disaster response and assessment.

8. Augmented Reality Maintenance Guide: Use AR to guide maintenance tasks in industrial settings.

9. Smart Home Energy Management: Create systems to optimize energy use in homes. 

10. Personalized Health Monitoring Wearables: Develop wearables for continuous health monitoring. 

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