$1.35bn Mega Millions jackpot won by single lottery ticketholder in US

In the US Mega Millions lottery, one ticket holder is thought to have won an estimated $1.35 billion (£1.1 billion).

The winning numbers were finally revealed on Friday after three draws that went without a winner. 30, 43, 45, 46, 61, and gold Mega Ball 14 were among them.

According to lottery organisers, the jackpot, which was won in the state of Maine, is the fourth-largest in US history.

The winner of the $1.35 billion grand prize will receive annual instalments over a 29-year annuity.

The cash option, which for Friday night's drawing was valued at $724.6m (£593.4 m), is nearly invariably chosen by winners.

There was a winner of the projected $1.35 billion reward since the next grand prize will be for $20 million (£16.3 million) and the cash option will be for $10.7 million (£8.7 million).

A jackpot winner has emerged after a stretch of 25 drawings without one, overcoming the odds of one in 302.6 million to win the grand prize.

Since its inception as the Big Game in 1996, Mega Millions has been played in 45 states, as well as Washington, DC, and the US Virgin Islands.

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