Will Kotlin Replace Java?

– Clean, compact syntax. – Single type system (almost) – Null safety. – Functions and functional programming. – Data classes. – Extensions. – Operator overloading. – Top-level objects and the Singleton pattern.

Features Of Kotlin

– Object Oriented.  – Platform Independent.  – Simple.  – Secure. – Architecture-neutral.  – Portable.  – Robust. 

Features Of Java

Build: Java ensures a faster build process than Kotlin, Java build takes time an average of 15.5 seconds, while Kotlin average 18.5 seconds.

What Java has that Kotlin doesn’t !!

Checked exceptions: Java has checked exceptions that are considered a highly used feature for debugging & error recovery.

Wildcards: Java allows the developers to use wildcards (?) as a type of unknown parameter or variable.

Origin: Kotlin came when Android development needed a more modern language to add to the qualities of Java and aid in mobile development

What Kotlin has that Java doesn’t !!

Switching: All it takes is installing the Kotlin Plugin that makes the transition from Java to Kotlin a seamless one.

Null Safety: Kotlin solves this annoying issue by making all types non-nullable by default.