Why President of Ireland calls for homework to be banned

The President of Ireland has expressed his opinions on homework, saying that it should be left at the gate and that kids should be free to do "creative things" in their free time.

When questioned about his thoughts on homework, Higgins responded, "I honestly believe that both the time spent at home and in school is an educational experience.

Former arts minister Higgins advised young people to "be curious about everything and I think it's vital to make sure you don't miss the thrill of sharing information."

"And I believe that friendship is crucial, as is making sure that no one is left without it and that everyone feels like they belong.

And while everyone of us will pursue our own interests, I believe that the bonds you form will last a lifetime and that is crucial.

"And also have the fortitude to defend your own interests while allowing other kids the room to do the same because no two of us are same.

Additionally, Higgins urged Irish children to speak the language.

Although the president's position in Ireland is primarily ceremonial, it does have considerable influence over how the government runs.

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