Why Costco is Selling Gold Bars and Silver Coins

Costco introduces silver coins - 1 oz. Canada Maple Leaf Silver Coins online at $675 for 25-count tubes.

Features a maple leaf on the front, non-refundable, and members limited to five purchases.

Building on gold bar success, Costco markets precious metals to enhance its "treasure hunt" image.

Emphasis on urgency and scarcity, encouraging immediate purchases, aligns with Costco's strategy.

Founder's approach highlights the importance of spontaneity in shopping decisions.

Metal sales capitalize on rising gold and silver values; gold at record highs, silver up 21% in a year.

Gold and silver act as resilient investments during low-interest periods, serving as an inflation hedge.

Costco's overall success continues, reporting robust profits during the pandemic, with shares up 60% in the past year.

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