6 Reasons You Might Like Sam's Club More Than Costco

Both Costco and Sam's Club are great. In really, any choice is a good one.

More stores

The United States has just under 600 Sam's Club locations and 572 Costco locations.

Less expensive membership

The yearly cost of Sam's Club membership is $50 for Club members and $110 for Plus members.

More name brands

I don't put on a show that I can cook well or that I enjoy spending a lot of time in the kitchen coming up with new dishes.

Curbside pickup

A sigh of relief came when I realised I had Walmart+ and could have groceries delivered to my house.

Scan and Go

Sam's offers Scan and Go, making the process more simpler than Costco's.

Sam’s Club is often less crowded

I enjoy certain aspects of Costco very much. I really enjoy most Kirkland items, and I appreciate how Costco handles their staff.

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