What is Turbo C++ and its Uses

C++ is one of the essential programming languages. It is a powerful programming language with object-oriented and dominant features. C++ is a programming language that can be found almost anywhere.

– C++ Popularity and High Salary – C++ has a Large Community – C++ has Abundant Library Support – C++ In Embedded Systems – C++ In Databases – C++ In Compilers – C++ In Operating Systems – C++ In Web Browsers – C++ In Graphics – C++ is Portable

– It is an Object-Oriented language – It is Platform Dependent – It is Powerful & Fast – Mid-level programming language – Structured programming language – Simple to learn – Memory Management – Have Rich Library – It is Compiler based – Syntax based language – Pointers

What makes C++ so unique?

What is C++ used for?

1. Operating systems

1. Game development

3. Databases

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