Project ideas for Java Developers

Online Courier Service

You can include functionality like purchasing an item, returning an item, and estimating the cost to deliver an item.

Online Voting System

As votes are required for every decision, the online voting system will be beneficial in many places.

Online Examination System

Due to the rising quantity of examinations and students, taking exams online will be more affordable. 

Smart City

Information about the entire city can be found in this project, which many people can use.

Issue Tracking System

This software will be used to manage all different types of Tasks for software projects or for any other kind of application, such as JIRA.

Facial Recognition

This application can be used to manage user faces after which it will permit users to enter various locations based on their needs.

Speech Recognition

This software uses the text generated from the voice conversion to produce better results.

Booking Management

Users can choose dates and people to book hotels using this software. Based on their selections, users can book the hotels.

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