Top 10 Science Fair Project Ideas for 6th Grade

1. Plant Growth in Different Liquids: Observe how plants grow in water, soda, juice, etc.

2. Solar Energy vs. Wind Energy: Compare effectiveness of solar panels and wind turbines.

3. Effects of Music on Plant Growth: Study impact of music genres on plant growth.

4. Homemade Battery: Construct batteries using household items to power small devices.

5. Fruit Battery: Investigate which fruits produce the most electrical power.

6. Paper Airplane Aerodynamics: Test different designs for flight distance and accuracy.

7. DIY Hovercraft: Build a hovercraft and experiment with different airflow mechanisms.

8. Water Filtration: Create homemade water filters and test their efficiency.

9. Crystal Growth: Observe how crystals form under various conditions.

10. Balloon Rocket Races: Explore Newton's third law with balloon-powered rockets.

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