Top 10 Programming Languages for Enterprise Development in 2023


Python's broad range of uses make it a widely used server-side programming language.

Golang (Go)

Its capability to manage multicore, networked systems, and enormous codebases has contributed to its success.


Ruby is another another programming language that web developers and independent contractors favour greatly. This is due to Ruby's simple to understand and write syntax.


Java can be blindly relied upon by independent contractors looking to build a career in web development, application development, or big data.


Nothing could be a better option to rely on as a freelancer if your goal is to produce dynamic web features like animated graphics, interactive maps, etc.


There is no better programming language to deliver the necessary results when processing statistics, including linear and nonlinear modelling, and analysis.


What could be better than a programming language with attributes like inheritance, polymorphism, and data abstraction? This is what C++ has in store for you, in fact.


Swift is a relatively new language, but because of its speed, performance, and security, it is greatly favoured by freelancers as well as other programmers and developers.


One of the main causes of its rising popularity is this. The fact that C# runs on Windows, Android, and iOS makes it easy for freelancers to learn.


Kotlin, an open-source programming language, has become so well-liked that businesses like Netflix, Pinterest, and Amazon Web Services utilise it.

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