Top 10 Interview Questions for Java Developers

1. JDK, JRE, and JVM: JDK is for Java development, JRE is for running Java applications, and JVM interprets Java bytecode.

2. OOP Principles in Java: Java implements OOP principles like encapsulation, inheritance, abstraction, and polymorphism.

3. Java Access Modifiers: Access modifiers control visibility; examples include public, private, protected, and default (no modifier).

4. static Keyword: static is used for class-level members and doesn't require an instance of the class for access.

5. final, finally, and finalize: final is for constants, finally is for code blocks, and finalize is a method for object cleanup.

6. Exception Handling in Java: Java uses try-catch blocks to handle exceptions and provides throw, throws, and finally for advanced handling.

7. Java Memory Management: Discuss heap and stack memory, and how Java's garbage collector manages memory.

8. equals() vs. ==: equals() compares object content, while == checks reference equality.

9. Java Design Patterns: Design patterns are reusable solutions; for instance, Singleton ensures a class has only one instance.

10. Multithreading in Java: Java supports multithreading using classes like Thread and keywords like synchronized, with potential issues including deadlock and race conditions.

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