Tips for CPG brands before approaching Costco

1 Unique Value Proposition:Clearly define what makes your product stand out from existing options.

2. Bulk-Ready: Costco's customers buy in bulk, so ensure your product is suitable for larger sizes and packaging.

3. Packaging Appeal:Eye-catching and informative packaging attracts attention on pallets and cluttered shelves.

4. Proven Track Record:Demonstrate consistent sales growth and a strong brand presence in other retailers.

5.Financial Stability: Costco expects reliable suppliers who can meet demand and adhere to payment terms.

6. Compliance & Certifications:Meet all necessary FDA, USDA, and other regulatory requirements.

7. Research Existing Products: Analyze similar products already offered at Costco to identify gaps or opportunities for differentiation.

8.Highlight Benefits for Costco: Explain how your product will benefit Costco's business, such as increased sales, customer loyalty, or margin improvement..

9. Seek Expert Guidance: Consider partnering with a consultant or broker with experience in securing Costco placements.

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