These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Have the Best Week Ever—Here’s Why

Passions are at an all-time high as the sun continues to burn through fiery Aries, but Mars is no longer in contemplative Gemini.

Even though aggressive Mars isn't always happy to be moving through sentimental Cancer.

The finest week for these three zodiac signs will be from March 27 to April 2 since they are *finally* developing intuitive clarity about next moves.

Several planets and asteroids, including the Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, Chiron, and Vesta, are currently transiting through the cardinal signs of Aries, indicating the start of a brand-new chapter.

Additionally, the zero degree of socially conscious Aquarius is being activated by powerful Pluto.


The vitality and impetus Mars provides to your innerworld is almost like you're being nourished and refreshed after a long nap.


It's a combination of factors, beginning with your traditional ruler Mars *finally* moving out of your unsettling eighth house and into your adventurous, expansive, and self-discovering ninth house.


It's reassuring to think that Mars is now *officially* moving into your heart-centered fifth house of love, passion, and self-expression from your delicate fourth house of foundations, family, and home.

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