Simple Robotics Project Ideas for Beginners

1. Line-following robot: Build a robot that follows a black line on a white surface using sensors.

2. Obstacle-avoidance robot: Create a robot that navigates around obstacles using proximity sensors.

3. Robotic arm: Construct a simple robotic arm capable of grabbing and moving objects.

4. Maze-solving robot: Design a robot that can navigate through a maze autonomously.

5. Bluetooth-controlled car: Build a car that can be controlled via a smartphone app using Bluetooth.

6. Voice-controlled robot: Develop a robot that responds to voice commands for basic tasks.

7. Light-seeking robot: Make a robot that moves toward a light source using light sensors.

8. Remote-controlled rover: Construct a rover that can be controlled remotely using a wireless controller.

9. Temperature-sensing robot: Create a robot that detects and responds to changes in temperature.

10. Gesture-controlled robot: Build a robot that can be controlled through hand gestures using motion sensors.

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