10 Interesting Product Ideas for School Project

1. Interactive Educational Board Game - Engage students in learning through a fun and competitive game format.

2. Virtual Science Fair Platform - Create an online platform for students to showcase their science projects virtually.

3. AI Tutoring System - Develop an AI-powered system to provide personalized tutoring to students in various subjects.

4. Eco-Friendly School Supplies - Design sustainable and eco-friendly school supplies to promote environmental consciousness.

5. Mental Health Awareness Campaign - Organize events and workshops to raise awareness about mental health issues among students.

6. Community Garden Project - Establish a community garden at school to promote healthy eating habits and environmental stewardship.

7. Language Learning App - Develop a mobile app to help students learn a new language through interactive lessons and games.

8. STEM Workshop Series - Organize workshops to introduce students to STEM subjects and encourage interest in these fields.

9. Recycling Initiative - Implement a school-wide recycling program to reduce waste and promote sustainability.

10. DIY Science Kits - Create do-it-yourself science experiment kits for students to conduct experiments at home or in class.

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