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Prince Harry Suggests King Charles Didn't Want to Pay for Meghan Markle Because He Was Threatened by Her

In the Netflix documentary series Harry & Meghan, Prince Harry reportedly reiterated his idea that other senior members of the royal family join them.

Harry claims that Charles stated he couldn't afford to support Meghan in addition to Harry, Kate Middleton, and Prince William in his upcoming memoir Spare.

Harry expressed his suspicions about it, speculating that his father might not want to cover Meghan's costs as a working royal since Charles didn't want her to steal his thunder.

To put things in perspective, Charles used his $28 million Duchy of Cornwall revenue in 2017 to cover the costs associated with the work of Prince William, Kate Middleton, and Harry.

The three royals drew from a fund of around $4.8 million to pay for their expenses, which included Kate Middleton's fancy apparel as well as items like salaries and office bills.

According to a People article from March 2018, Meghan and Harry purchased all of her attire for her royal engagements independently before the royal wedding.

According to Page Six, Harry claimed that he and William "decided to serve the monarch" and maintain themselves "within the gilded cage at all times" in exchange for financial support.

He recounted the first time they observed Meghan's prominence in tabloid coverage above other royals on Remembrance Day in 2018.

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