Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Player Saw Interesting Similarity Between Team Star Members

credit: gettyimage

credit: gettyimage

Since Pokemon Scarlet and Violet were released in November, gamers have been discovering several new elements.

One of them even brought out a fascinating connection between some of the Team Star members.

One saw a striking resemblance amongst Team Star members.

Someone on Reddit got over 800 upvotes for a post on the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet fight sequence intros, which feature five distinct Team Star members.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet debuted Terastallized Pokemon forms instead of Gigantamax and Dynamax from Pokemon Sword and Shield or Mega Evolutions from Pokemon X and Y.

Scarlet and Violet introduced three alternate routes to accomplish the games, including Team Star from the Starfall Street narrative.

NexorisDraco's article states that Team Star's Starfall Street members cover several of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's 23 Poke Ball kinds.

Pokedex advancement, Pokemon gifts, and the Porto Marinada Auction may provide extra Poke Balls for Team Star.

NexorisDraco's Reddit post doesn't include Pokemon Team Star commander Cassiopeia, but the boss trainer uses a Poke Ball like other Paldea trainers.

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