Top 8 PBL project ideas In 2023

Sustainable City Design

 a plan for an eco-friendly city with renewable energy sources, efficient transportation,.

Develop an interactive VR learning platform to enhance students' engagement and understanding of complex subjects.

Virtual Reality in Education

Design an AI-powered tool that assists healthcare professionals in diagnosing diseases and recommending personalized.

AI-Driven Healthcare Assistance

Ocean Cleanup Initiative

Implement a project to remove plastic pollution from oceans and protect marine life .

Smart Home Automation

Build a system that automates and optimizes energy usage, security, and convenience in a residential setting..

Urban Farming Solutions

Establish a sustainable urban farming initiative to address food security and promote local produce in cities..

Mental Health Support App

Develop a mobile application that offers accessible resources and personalized support for individuals..

Renewable Energy Innovation

Research and create a novel renewable energy technology to promote greener alternatives and combat climate change.

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