Ohio pizza shop draws attention for seeking to hire "non-stupid people"

A pizzeria in Columbus, Ohio is drawing attention after posting employment ads requesting a particular kind of person.

Santino's Pizza, a family-run business, has a sign outside that reads, "Now Hiring Non-Stupid People." The modest shop on the southwest part of the city has generated excitement on social media thanks to the job posting.

According to Santino's co-owner Jayden Donigan, the majority of customers who have seen the sign have laughed.

Donigan claimed that previous workers had little to no work ethics and that it had been challenging to recruit competent labour.

An employee that is "just reliable, on time, and don't come to work in like sandals," according to Santino's boss Heather Stockton, is what she is looking for.

Santino's is trying to hire at a time when eateries nationally are having problems filling positions due to a combination of fierce competition within the hospitality industry.

Moreover, the food service industry frequently pays low wages and provides few or no benefits, which negatively impacts employee retention.

According to Labor Department data, the median hourly wage for non-manager positions in the food service industry was $17.56 as of December.

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