Top 10 New Science Project Ideas

1. Solar-Powered Water Purifier: Harness solar energy to purify water efficiently.

2. Magnetic Levitation Transportation: Explore magnetic fields for frictionless transportation.

3. Bacterial Bioluminescence: Engineer bacteria to produce natural light sources

4. AI-Powered Plant Health Monitor: Develop AI to assess and enhance plant well-being.

5. Electromagnetic Harvester: Harvest ambient electromagnetic energy for practical use.

6. Graphene-Based Air Filter: Utilize graphene's properties for highly efficient air purification.

7. Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles: Investigate hydrogen cells as a clean energy source for vehicles.

8. Virtual Reality Therapy for PTSD: Employ VR to aid in post-traumatic stress disorder therapy.

9. Insect-Inspired Robotics: Design robots mimicking insect locomotion and behavior.

10. Smart Agriculture Drone Swarms: Develop a network of drones for precision agriculture.

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