1. Better error tracking 2. Structural pattern matching 3. New type union operator 4. Stricter zipping 5. Automatic text encoding 6. Asynchronous iteration

Better Error Tracking

In Python 3.10, this is all much easier with better error messages and precise line numbers for debugging.

Structural Pattern Matching

Python 3.10 is the addition of structural pattern matching otherwise known as the switch, case statement

New Type Union Operator

In previous versions, you could specify the type of an attribute. But, if you wanted to accept two types, then you would need to use the union keyword.

Stricter Zipping

Python 3.10 introduced a new parameter, strict was, to check if all iterable passed to the zip function are of the same length.

Automatic Text Encoding

In Python 3.10, a warning activates to inform the user when (or if) they open a text file without a specific encoding type.

Asynchronous Iteration

In Python 3.10, there are two new asynchronous built-in functions, aiter() and anext(), to make your code even more readable.

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