King Charles Could Be Forced to Step Down as by Parliament

After being crowned, King Charles III will legally take the British throne in May. After his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, passed away, Charles ascended to the throne of the United Kingdom.

As a result of Queen Elizabeth II's passing, Charles rose through the royal ranks. His throne was not instantly crowned, though. In May, there will be a three-day celebration marking Charles' official accession to the throne.

According to CNN, Buckingham Palace disclosed information on the shortened event. Compared to his mother's coronation, which took place at Westminster Abbey in 1953, Charles' will be a less extravagant event.

The "Coronation Big Lunch" and "Coronation Concert" will be held the day after the coronation, which will take place on Saturday, May 6.

On the last day, the general public will be encouraged to participate in "The Big Help Out" by performing community service.

Elizabeth, Charles' mother, too lived under the same kind of administration with Parliament, aware that they could remove her at any time.

However, if Charles was unable to carry out his royal responsibilities and the British government's legislative authority intervened, another member of the royal family could step in.

The Coronation will be celebrated in communities all around the UK with activities like Big Lunches, volunteering days, and a performance in the grounds of Windsor Castle that will be free to the general public.

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