Ice Boats on Pushaw Lake during the first day of spring

Maine's ORONO (WABI) - Even if it's the first day of spring, ice sports are still appropriate.

On Monday morning, the Chickawaukie Ice Boat Club set off for their 100 Mile Race from Gould's Landing in Orono.

Ice boats have been a popular way to enjoy ice on rivers and lakes since the late 1700s.

The boats are propelled into the air and float over the ice. Members of Chickawaukie frequently sail on numerous lakes in Canada and Maine.

It's the ideal day for an ice cruise because of the race turnout and the weather.

Because you're going to be racing 100 kilometres today, this is an unusual occurrence. There are a few distinct types of ice boats available.

As far afield as Maryland, Long Island, Michigan, and Canada, people have travelled to be here today. That's exciting, then.

Being able to remove this kind of distance is a rare occurrence. Our ability to sail today is made possible by the lovely weather, according to club newcomer John Shuster.

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