How to Get Products for 1-cent at Dollar General

1. Secretive Strategy:

Keep quiet about the penny list when shopping, following a 'Fight Club' approach.

2. Direct Checkout Rule:

Head straight to the register with discounted items; mentioning the list isn't necessary as prices drop automatically during checkout.

3. Manager-Exclusive Access:

Only store managers have the official penny list, but a site named Kristie’s Connections shares it every Tuesday.

4. Verification Step:

Confirm your store received the same list to ensure the availability of penny deals.

5. Barcode Scan Tip:

Use the store's app with a barcode scanner to check prices and avoid surprises at checkout.

6. Mobile Confirmation:

A $0.00 result on the barcode scanner confirms a one-cent checkout price.

7. Weekly List Update:

Stay informed about potential deals by checking Kristie’s Connections for the updated list every Tuesday.

8. Strategic Timing:

Dollar General sales, often featuring penny deals, typically occur on Tuesdays.

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