5 Best High Paying Careers To Choose After Learning Python

Software Engineer

– Analyze user requirements – Write and test code – Write operational documentation – Consult clients and work closely with other staff – Develop existing programs


Senior Software Engineer

– Develop high-quality software architecture – Automate tasks via scripting and other tools – Review and debug code – Perform validation and verification testing – Implement version control and design patterns


DevOps Engineer

– Deploy updates and fixes – Analyze and resolve technical issues – Design procedures for maintenance and troubleshooting – Develop scripts to automate visualization – Deliver Level 2 technical support


Data Scientist

– Identify data sources and automate the collection – Preprocess data & analyze it to discover trends – Perform data visualization – Propose solutions to business challenges


Senior Data Scientist

– Supervise junior data analysts – Implement ML and statistics-based algorithms – Propose ideas for leveraging possessed data – Communicate findings to business partners