Greensboro grocery store worker plans to help son become lawyer with $400,000 lottery win

According to a press release from the NC Education Lottery, a mother from Greensboro claimed she will use her $400,000 lottery victory to support her son's pursuit of law.

Cumbie, a Whole Foods employee who works in the grocery department, said she will use the funds to assist her son in paying for law school.

She purchased her winning ticket from the Greensboro Quick Mart on Randleman Road.

According to Cumbie, who has been playing the lottery for a while, she has always known when her turn will arrive.

To claim her win, Cumbie travelled to the lottery's headquarters on Monday. She received $285,001 after necessary withholdings for state and federal taxes.

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I just won huge, I informed the cashier, she remarked, turning to him. He began to bounce around and gave me a big hug.

Bernadad Cumbie remarked, "I was overjoyed to be able to phone my son and tell him I won $400,000."

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