10 Interesting Golang Project Ideas for Beginners

1. Todo List App: Create a simple task management application to organize daily tasks.

2. Weather App: Build an app to fetch and display weather forecasts based on user input.

3. URL Shortener: Develop a tool to shorten long URLs for easier sharing and tracking.

4. Chat Application: Create a basic messaging platform to exchange messages between users.

5. Expense Tracker: Build an app to track personal expenses and generate reports.

6. Recipe Finder: Develop a program to search for recipes based on ingredients or dish names.

7. Note-taking App: Create a simple application to take and organize notes efficiently.

8. Quiz Game: Develop a quiz game with multiple-choice questions on various topics.

9. File Encryption Tool: Build a program to encrypt and decrypt files for security purposes.

10. BMI Calculator: Develop a Body Mass Index calculator to assess one's fitness level.

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