Top 10 File Decoration Ideas for School Project

1. Origami animals: Use colorful paper to create cute animal shapes for a playful touch.

2. Fabric patches: Add texture and interest by attaching fabric patches related to your project theme.

3. Dried flowers: Press and display dried flowers for a delicate and natural embellishment.

4. Washi tape borders: Use patterned washi tape to frame your project with flair.

5. Paper quilling: Create intricate designs with rolled paper strips for an elegant finish.

6. Stickers and decals: Customize with themed stickers and decals for a fun and vibrant look.

7. Embroidery accents: Incorporate small embroidered details for a charming handmade touch.

8. Faux foliage: Attach artificial leaves or branches for a refreshing and botanical vibe.

9. Ribbon embellishments: Adorn with ribbons in various colors and widths for a whimsical touch.

10. Bead embellishments: Add sparkle and dimension with small beads or sequins for a glamorous finish.

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