Java programming language is object-oriented, and it describes an example of a class like abstraction, encapsulation, inheritance, and polymorphism.


Java programming language is an independent language. The coder changes source code to a bytecode so that one can run bytecode on a different platform.


It is a dynamic language. While execution, the Java environment can extend itself by linking in classes. We can place it on remote servers on the internet.


Java programming language is also a multithreading feature used for the total CPU. It gives the execution of two or more fragments of a program.


It is a fast & secure programming language, and it allows us to develop virus-free, tamper-free systems.

Easy to Understand

It has no difficulties in its features like inheritance, operator overloading, pointer, etc.; that's why Java programming is easy to learn.


Java code written on one computer system can be run on another computer because it has a portable feature.

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