Dollar Tree: How To Spend Just $21 a Week on Grocery Shopping

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Dollar store shopping: Purchased essentials using a $5 coupon on a Saturday.

Grocery list: Flour, instant mashed potatoes, dried beans, white rice, chicken bullion powder, milk, margarine, eggs, bologna, hot dogs, mixed vegetables, sandwich bread, potato chips.

Total cost: $25.85, reduced to $20.85 with the coupon.

TikTok influencer's week of meals on a budget.

Day 1: Bologna sandwich and potato chips, Gnocchi soup for dinner.

Day 2: Breakfast sandwich, leftover gnocchi soup, fried pupusa for dinner.

Day 3: Huevos rancheros for breakfast, leftover gnocchi soup, fried rice for dinner.

Day 4: Fried bologna and egg sandwich, leftover fried rice, boiled and fried pierogies for dinner.

Day 5: Sauteed beans and hot dogs, bologna sandwich, pasta soup for dinner.

Day 6: Fried potato pancakes for breakfast, rice with hot dog and bean mixture, pan-fried chimichangas for dinner.

Day 7: Leftover potato pancakes for breakfast, Peruvian tacu-tacu for lunch, pasta with fried egg for dinner.

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