Dollar Store Foods You Should Seriously Avoid

Premade baked goods

The baked goods you buy at the dollar shop are typically poor in flavour and nutritious value, but rich in fat and calories.


Buying honey might be costly. Check out the cost of a jar of locally sourced honey when strolling through your local farmer's market.

Ramen noodles

When compared to the soups you can get at a big box shop, these "cups of soup" cost $1.25 or $1.50 each.


Many of these dips, like Home Style Select Nacho Cheese Dip, are merely cheese-flavored goods and contain very little to no genuine cheese.

Grated parmesan cheese

You should never purchase purportedly grated Parmesan cheese from the cheap store. It's definitely not Parmesan and it's not cheese at all.

Dairy products

Although the cheese bars are smaller than those found in grocery stores, they may still be made with real cheese.

Individual servings of applesauce

Do not purchase those tiny applesauce cups from the dollar shop; they are ideal for school lunches.

Cake and brownie mixes

To bake brownies, cakes, and cupcakes at home, use boxed mixes. You only need to add eggs, water, oil, or butter before baking.

Premade frosting

Avoid buying prepared frosting from the dollar store whether you bake a cake from scratch or from a boxed mix.

Frozen vegetables

When frozen vegetables are on sale, they frequently cost $1.50 a pound, so a dollar for a bag of vegetables seems like a fantastic deal. Sadly, no, it isn't.

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