The Important Four Types of Database Management Systems Are 1. Hierarchical database 2. Network database 3. Relational database 4. Object-Oriented database

Hierarchical database

Model data is arranged in a tree-type structure in a hierarchical database, and data is Collected Hierarchically (top-down or bottom-up) format. Data is described using a parent-child connection

Network Model

This database model enables every child to have many parents, and it helps you address the requirement to model more complicated relationships like the orders/parts many-to-many relationship.

Relational Model

The relational database is based on normalizing data in the rows and columns of the tables, and the relational model is collected in fixed structures and managed using SQL.

Object-Oriented Model

In an Object-oriented Model, data is collected in the form of objects, and the structure is described as classes that display data within it.

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