Deep Learning Vs Machine Learning

Deep learning

It is possible to think of deep learning algorithms as an advanced and theoretically challenging progression of machine learning algorithms.

Machine learning

A kind of artificial intelligence that is developing, allows computers to learn from the past and carry out a task automatically.

Machine learning uses algorithms to analyse data, learn from that data, and make sensible decisions based on what it has learned.


Deep learning organises algorithms into layers to produce a "artificial neural network" that is capable of independent learning and deductive reasoning.


Despite the fact that both fall under the umbrella of artificial intelligence, deep learning is what makes AI the most like humans.


Machine learning algorithms frequently divide data into parts, then integrate those parts to get a result or solution.


Deep learning can take a few hours to a few weeks, whereas machine learning can take just a few seconds to a few hours.


Deep learning systems require much more powerful hardware than simpler machine learning systems.


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