Most Popular Data Analyst Programming languages

1. Python

Python is a versatile and beginner-friendly language often used for data analysis due to its rich ecosystem of libraries.

R is a statistical programming language with a strong focus on data analysis and visualization.

2. R

Java is employed for big data processing and analysis, especially when working with Hadoop and Spark frameworks.

3. Java

4. SQL 

SQL is used for managing and querying relational databases, a fundamental skill for data analysts.

5. SAS 

SAS is a software suite used for advanced analytics, data management, and reporting in industries like healthcare and finance.

6. Julia

Julia is known for its speed and is gaining popularity in scientific computing and data analysis for tasks.


MATLAB is widely used in academia and industry for numerical computing, data analysis, and visualization, etc.

8. Scala

Scala is chosen for big data processing with Apache Spark, offering a combination of object-oriented and functional programming features.

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